Specialized Survey Services

Specialized Surveys

MBI provides the following specialized property surveys: 

Pre and Post Blast Surveys

A Pre Blast Survey provides an accurate and detailed record of the current condition of properties in close proximity to blasting projects prior to blasting.  A Post Blast Survey may be requested if changes are noticed during or after the blasting.  Find out more…

Pre and Post Condition Surveys

Surveying surrounding homes and buildings provides a benchmark of their condition before excavation or other construction activity starts. We use high resolution photographs for an objective and independent record.  A Post Condition Survey is usually requested when deficiencies are noticed during or immediately after the construction activity. 

Drone Surveys

Some areas and building components are difficult to access. Surveying the upper floors of a high-rise building exterior is challenging from the ground or from the roof.  Surveying a roof system requires access through the building. Using drones, we can survey and record the condition these areas.  

Micro Camera Surveys

When there are drainage issues or water ingress, sometimes the only non-invasive way to assess the situation is to survey using a micro camera. Our micro cameras allow us to record the condition of confined or inaccessible areas.

Infra Red Camera Surveys

Water ingress is a common issue in BC.  When water is getting in we use our infra red camera to identify where the water is and how it’s getting in.

Home Inspections

Are you looking for a licensed BC Home Inspector for a new home purchase?  The Home Inspectors Association BC  provides a great search tool to find a home inspector in your area. MBI does not provide this service.

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